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We're NJ's Premiere Tri Club!

Welcome to Paramount Multisport! We're a NJ Triathlon/Multisport club based out of Morristown, NJ.  We welcome endurance athletes of all kinds and all ages.. Here's how to get started with us:


June 16, 2016 Hive Happenings

Hive Happenings
Welcome to the Hive!
Open Water Swimming @ Randolph Lake
Every Saturday from 10am - 11am this summer Randolph Lake will be available, with lifeguards, to anyone wishing to get in some open water swimming.  This is run by the Township of Randolph.  To register for any Saturday (or multiple Saturdays), and to pay the $5 fee, you must go to the website link below, enter Randolph Township, then, if not done so already, create an account.  Once you have an account, click on Browse Activities, then Adult Sports 2016 and go through the prompts, eventually selecting the applicable Saturday OWS date(s) you wish to attend. 
This is a great lake to swim in and members will often post a ride on Facebook starting from the park either prior to or after the swim.
You can also find members heading over to Mtn Lakes (Tower Hill Rd & Boulevard in Mtn. Lakes) to get in some OWS pretty much any day of the week.  These are not club sponsored swims and are available solely at the good will of the Home Owners Assoc. of Mtn Lakes.  Please respect their rules.  Members post  on our Facebook Group Page when they are heading over.
Inaugural Garden State SwimRun
Reminder - Saturday - August 20th - Randolph Lake
This is a unique event that will require a little planning on part of the athlete as you traverse multiple swim & run segments from start to finish.  We encourage you to visit the event's Facebook page to learn more about it: 
Remember this is a club sponsored event.  We want members to participate and to volunteer so that this event becomes an annual success  
5th Annual - Hills Kids Triathlon
We had another successful Kids Triathlon this past Sunday.  Great weather, great volunteer support from the club and a well managed race which allows kids to experience our wonderful hobby in a great, safe environment.  Congrats to Dave Misiak and his wife, Jackie, and all who helped put this event together.
Group Training Info
Tuesday Run Workout.  
We move from speed workouts at the track to tempo workouts through the trails in Loantaka Park (South St. parking lot).  Workouts begin at 6:30pm, so get there early and warm-up!  You can run various distances and usually there is someone running at your pace.  The actual  workouts will get posted on our Facebook Group page on the day of (or day before) for those who need to know the workout before you arrive.  Lets thank member John "Chaachi" Sabbatino for putting these workouts together for us!
In addition, our club sponsor, Modern Athlete, has weekly group runs on Wednesday evenings.  Check out Modern Athlete Group Runs
Wednesday Bike Rides.
Every Wednesday we have 2 rides to choose from - early morning (6am) and early evening (6:15pm).  
They start & end at Loantaka Brook Park - Kitchell Rd. - at the Duck Pond.  
The rides are approximately 20 - 25 miles.  Leaders can modify the route per the group's goals that session.  You can certainly run before or after the ride in the park.  
David DeSimone leads the 6:15pm ride, while Tom MacNabb leads the 6:00AM ride, while Pete Joachim will fill in for each as necessary and/or be the sweep cyclist.  Please register on the calendar on website.  All levels are welcome - these are no drop rides with plenty of work!  
Additional rides are held by our club sponsor, Cycle Craft.  Check our their calendar at: Cycle Craft Calendar 
Weekend Long Rides / Runs.  
Our Facebook Group page continues to be the place to find out what members are cooking up for weekend workouts. There are always multiple rides occurring every weekend.  We encourage members to check it out, post their workouts and join in the fun.   Going long with a group is always more fun! 


Pay It Forward


Paramount is on a mission to become the finest triathlon club in Northern New Jersey!  Having said that, if you attended the Kick Off meeting, you heard about a new Paramount “incentive” called, Pay It Forward.  What does that mean, exactly?

A club is only as strong as it’s members.  You will reap what you sow.  If you want to belong to a great organization, then you have to be willing to step up to the plate and create it! So here is the deal...

We’re asking all Paramount members to “pay” a minimum of 5 hours of “service” to the club for the year.  “Service” is a very loose term, and I believe that there is not one person out there on our membership roster that cannot easily meet the minimum.

Here are some examples:

· Volunteer to lead a ride or run (Splinter groups)

· Help out before, during or after the Randolph Triathlon

· Help out at the Kids’ Triathlon

· Commit to being on the Paramount Team at organized races like the Rutger’s Unite 1/2 marathon or NJ State Triathlon, etc.


Before you say...”But I’m not fast enough” to be a leader, relax...Let’s call you a “host” instead.  It just means that you are committing your time to be at a location and be a greeter or even be a sweep rider for the slowest person that shows up.  Feel better?  Good!

We’ll be looking for you.


Join us on Strava, Map My Ride/Run, Ride w/GPS

Winter is almost over, and for the majority of us, it is a welcomed sight top be able to get back outdoors for some REAL training.  Paramount Multisport is now on Strava, Map My Ride/Run and Ride w/GPS.  Follow us and check out the maps for our group rides and runs including our Famous Wednesday Night Bricks and our course preview rides for the Randolph Lake Triathlon.  Strava also has a Paramount Club so you can join and check out your fellow Killer Bees and compare your training with other members.  Now log on and let's have some fun!  Click on the logos to join the groups...and you can also add us as a let's get 2014 underway!

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Paramount Multisport on Social Media!!!

All you social media butterflies....a great way to keep in contact with your fellow Paramount members is to follow the club on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Facebook...not only do we have the Paramount page for news, etc...we have a members group page.  You must be a paid, active member of the club to join the group.

Twitter and Google+...Head over to follow us and get some great inspirational quotes, current running/cycling/swimming news and to interact with us.

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Our Forum is now on Tapatalk!!

Our Forum is making a big comeback with new categories including Gear Reviews, Race Reports, and an all-new Classifieds section...And now the forum is available on mobile devices through Tapatalk integration.  Tapatalk is an award winning app for internet communities.  If you have a smartphone, go to your respective app store and download Tapatalk, then search for Paramount Multisport and log in.




We love our sponsors!  We shop with them, and we hope you will too!

Join Us!

Join the club and make the most of your triathlon experience.

Group Training

Training alone is no fun.  Find Partners/groups/workouts here.