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We're NJ's Premiere Tri Club!

Welcome to Paramount Multisport! We're a NJ Triathlon/Multisport club based out of Morristown, NJ.  We welcome endurance athletes of all kinds and all ages.. Here's how to get started with us:


Celebrate Boston Happy Hour Canceled!

Tonight's planned Happy Hour at Tiff's in Morris Plains is canceled.  We will reschedule this for next week, please keep a look out on the calendar.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Celebrate Boston Happy Hour Canceled 


Transition Seminar!

This has been one of the most talked about seminars around the water cooer.  Come out on April Fool's Day and spend some time getting schooled by Ron Wally.  he will be going over some things to make T1 and T can make up some time here, so why not.  This is being held on the 4th floor, so all you need to bring is your pretty little selves and Ron will go over everything you would need!
April 1st at 7pm.

Off-season? Not for us!!!!

Our off-season training sessions are still going strong...and warmer weather is just around the corner...I can feel it, can't you?  Keep checking out the calendar, log in and register for things...we have indoor bike training, runs, EVEN YOGA FOR ATHLETES!!!!!!!!!!!  So come check out all the happenings!



Guru Fit Event Review/Fit Review

On Feb 5th, Cycle Craft hosted an event introducing club members to the GURU Fit system.  This is the review from the event, and one person's review of their fit experience.  Head on over to the forum and check out the post.  Ask any questions, add any experiences you have had.


GURU Fit Review/Fit Review


IM Princeton Race Report by First Timer, Lori Procopio

So….this was my first long course triathlon.  This was my first triathlon that was longer than a sprint.  Just think, I only started doing this last year (2013)!  I wanted to complete a Half-Ironman the year I turned 40….and I did.  To say I was nervous is an understatement.  I WAS TERRIFIED!!!  Terrified of the swim, terrified of the bike, not so much the run…..just the swim and bike.

I watched the mass of people enter the water to warm up, so I made my way down to the waters edge to do the same. I needed to calm my nerves and my short warm up run didn’t help at all. For 70 degree water temp, that water was COOOOLD! After I swam for a bit, it felt better and less like I was going to freeze to death or drown.

I came out and slowly made my way to the person holding the placard for my wave….#14 at 7:50am. They were whipping through the waves like crazy. Everyones wave was going off on time. My wave was up. We swam quietly to the start buoys. Everyone wished each other good luck and said to have fun, with some light nervous giggling. WE WERE OFF!!


Read more: IM Princeton Race Report by First Timer, Lori Procopio


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Group Training

Training alone is no fun.  Find Partners/groups/workouts here.