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We're NJ's Premiere Tri Club!

Welcome to Paramount Multisport! We're a NJ Triathlon/Multisport club based out of Morristown, NJ.  We welcome endurance athletes of all kinds and all ages.. Here's how to get started with us:



This is a great way to keep off the pounds during the winter months and actually get stronger for next year.  Every Tuesday & Thursday at Atlantic Health Sports Fitness you can join your friends and be lead through some fun and demanding physical activities that will leave you exhausted and satisfied - all before most people even had their first cup of coffee!  Tuesday's workouts emphasize the upper body and Thursdays workouts emphasize the lower body.  Triathletes need these types of workouts !


Indoor Bike Training

It is that time of year again when we move inside and on to our bike trainers.  Make it easier by bringing your bike and trainer to Atlantic Sports Health Fitness (111 Madison Ave.) and riding with a group of like-minded and just as crazy friends!  We have a group leader who will help you progress through the winter so you are stronger on the bike come next Spring.  Register on calender!  See you there! 


2016 USAT National Club Team Challenge

Yup...It’s time!  Gear up for the USAT National Club Team Challenge!  Keep yourself motivated and close to race shape by joining the fun and team building spirit generated by the club team challenge.  Stay connected during the winter months “virtually”.  You don’t need to be fast or to do any crazy long workouts (no overuse injuries!).  You just do your normal workouts and then log them on the USAT website.  So simple & free!  We can have up to 75 names on the roster and we would love to have it full.  Last year the club finished third in Division II.   Can we improve?

December = Swim / January = Bike / February = Run

To REGISTER - Please email your name, age as of Dec. 1 2015, and CURRENT USAT # to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to participate!  

USAT Info at -


Drew Ranger's Masters Swimming

Drew Ranger Masters is a club member of United States Masters Swimming, Inc. We offer year-round coached swimming workouts for adults. Anyone aged 18 and older is welcome to join our club and swim with us.

Our group is made up of all levels of swimmers, from beginners to former collegiate swimmers to current masters competitors. We have people who compete in swim meets and triathlons, and others who swim just for the benefits that a regular swimming routine has to offer: stress release, physical and mental fitness. All levels are welcome!


Please click below for more information on the Drew Masters Swimming Program.

Drew Masters



Pay It Forward


Paramount is on a mission to become the finest triathlon club in Northern New Jersey!  Having said that, if you attended the Kick Off meeting, you heard about a new Paramount “incentive” called, Pay It Forward.  What does that mean, exactly?

A club is only as strong as it’s members.  You will reap what you sow.  If you want to belong to a great organization, then you have to be willing to step up to the plate and create it! So here is the deal...

We’re asking all Paramount members to “pay” a minimum of 5 hours of “service” to the club for the year.  “Service” is a very loose term, and I believe that there is not one person out there on our membership roster that cannot easily meet the minimum.

Here are some examples:

· Volunteer to lead a ride or run (Splinter groups)

· Help out before, during or after the Randolph Triathlon

· Help out at the Kids’ Triathlon

· Commit to being on the Paramount Team at organized races like the Rutger’s Unite 1/2 marathon or NJ State Triathlon, etc.


Before you say...”But I’m not fast enough” to be a leader, relax...Let’s call you a “host” instead.  It just means that you are committing your time to be at a location and be a greeter or even be a sweep rider for the slowest person that shows up.  Feel better?  Good!

We’ll be looking for you.



We love our sponsors!  We shop with them, and we hope you will too!

Join Us!

Join the club and make the most of your triathlon experience.

Group Training

Training alone is no fun.  Find Partners/groups/workouts here.