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We're NJ's Premiere Tri Club!

Welcome to Paramount Multisport! We're a NJ Triathlon/Multisport club based out of Morristown, NJ.  We welcome endurance athletes of all kinds and all ages.. Here's how to get started with us:


IM Princeton Race Report by First Timer, Lori Procopio

So….this was my first long course triathlon.  This was my first triathlon that was longer than a sprint.  Just think, I only started doing this last year (2013)!  I wanted to complete a Half-Ironman the year I turned 40….and I did.  To say I was nervous is an understatement.  I WAS TERRIFIED!!!  Terrified of the swim, terrified of the bike, not so much the run…..just the swim and bike.

I watched the mass of people enter the water to warm up, so I made my way down to the waters edge to do the same. I needed to calm my nerves and my short warm up run didn’t help at all. For 70 degree water temp, that water was COOOOLD! After I swam for a bit, it felt better and less like I was going to freeze to death or drown.

I came out and slowly made my way to the person holding the placard for my wave….#14 at 7:50am. They were whipping through the waves like crazy. Everyones wave was going off on time. My wave was up. We swam quietly to the start buoys. Everyone wished each other good luck and said to have fun, with some light nervous giggling. WE WERE OFF!!


Read more: IM Princeton Race Report by First Timer, Lori Procopio

Indoor Bike Training

What a great response we have gotten to the indoor bike training sessions.  Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming sessions as we are constantly scheduling them.  Stay tuned and see you out there!


2015 USAT National Club Team Challenge

Yup...It’s time!  Gear up for the National Club Team Challenge!  Keep yourself motivated and close to race shape by joining the fun and team building spirit generated by the club team challenge.  Stay connected during the winter months “virtually”. If you’re new to the club this is a great way to make your presence felt.  You don’t need to be fast, you just need to do your normal workouts and log them in.  So simple!  We can have up to 75 names on the roster and we would love to have it full.  Please email your name, age as of Dec.1 2014, and CURRENT USAT # to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to participate! It’s FREE!!!  And loads of FUN!


Upcoming Club Events


Upcoming USAT Team Club Challenge

Ever year we participate in this national challenge and we do pretty well.  You get a month of swimming, a month of biking, and a month of running, add up your totals for everyone in the club, and see where we rank in the country.   You must register your USAT membership number with us, and YOU MUST TALLY ALL YOUR WORKOUTS!  This is a fun way to get through the dog days of winter when you can't get the bike outside.  Email us your USAT member number to get in on the fun

Kick Off Extravaganza 2015 - January 14th 7pm

Don't miss this year's Kick Off meeting! This is your opportunity to get excited about the coming year. We will have some give aways, prizes, and more. Hear about what's planned for the coming year, meet and connect with members and just have a great night out. Refreshments, too!

Location: Atlantic Health Bldg, 111 Madison Avenue, Morristown, 4th floor

Randolph Lake Triathlon - July 12th

Registration is open! Yup, you heard correctly and we've got some new things with it. In addition to the triathlon and aqua bike, we've got a duathlon, too.  Check out the website. As a member, you can get a 15% discount with the code: PM2015 (Make sure you're paid up...we'll check!)

If you want a really sweet deal, we've teamed up with the Jerseyman Triathlon in May to create a "Do the Duo" prize. If you sign up for BOTH races, you will get a 10% discount on BOTH. (You have to sign up together)


Paramount Multisport Tri Club takes 2nd place at IM Princeton 70.3!

The inaugural Ironman Princeton 70.3 was a great success not only for the towns that hosted, or the event planners, but for the Killer Bees of Paramount Multisport.  We had over 30 members racing and fulfilling dreams...and everyone of them helped the team come in 2nd place overall in the tri club competition.  There were SO MANY TEAMS, and this is such a big accomplishment.  Congratulations to ALL the team members that made this all did this!

 triclub digitalawards princeton 7032



We love our sponsors!  We shop with them, and we hope you will too!

Join Us!

Join the club and make the most of your triathlon experience.

Group Training

Training alone is no fun.  Find Partners/groups/workouts here.