Member Benefits 2014

All current Paramount Multisport members enjoy many benefits associated with the club.  We have some local sponsors, each of which offer discounts on the latest gear to help you achieve your best.  We also enjoy discounts from some of your favorite online retailers as well, each with their own specific discount codes.

Another benefit for club members is having discounts on certain events including triathlons and road races in the area.

And LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!!!  We offer group training for all our member to help everyone meet their goals.  Thise are listed in the calendar section under Training.  These include Swim Clinics, Bike Trainer Sessions, and our favorite, Brick Workouts.  Some of them have a cost to cover use of venue, but most are free to our members.  

Click on this link to bring you to the Members login page, then you can access our Members Discount Codes.


We love our sponsors!  We shop with them, and we hope you will too!

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Group Training

Training alone is no fun.  Find Partners/groups/workouts here.